To the student,

I started this project as a result of my own frustrations through PA school.  My program offered a subscription review package as part of my tuition.   In that package, I had access to a limited question bank.  Needless to say, it did not take long to burn through those questions in preparation for upcoming tests.   Not only were test days full of anxiety for me, I listened to the same sentiments from my classmates.  Out on the road for rotations, everyone was in the same boat.  Students from all over the country were talking about needing more questions to help them prepare for test day.  I would hear stories about having burned through all of the subscription test questions in two, three or sometimes, even fewer months.  Students were frustrated because they knew they were no longer actively learning material; but rather, picking out answers from questions they had seen before.  I wanted more.  They wanted more.  The need was for questions the week, and even the night before tests.  I just could not find them – and more so, did not want to pay for another monthly subscription for them. 

Enter the idea for MedTest Review… 

What if I could provide the same quality questions for students on a pay-per-test basis that they were used to seeing from the “big box” subscription services?  I know I would have paid for them.    What if I could provide a way to identify knowledge gaps and direct study efforts to gain efficiency and avoid redundancy?

The result is this site.  I want you to use this resource as needed (PRN, as they say).  If you need help with Family Medicine topics, take a Family Medicine test, or two.  If your Surgery test is tomorrow and you just don’t feel you have it, do some more review questions.  Don’t break the bank.  Don’t fret a subscription you wont use.  Let me help you.

Keep practicing.  Persevere.  Perfect your game.



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